End-User Licensing Agreement

for World of DS (https://worldofds.com)By proceeding and using this website (collectively the "Website"), you are consenting to the end user licensing agreement described below. This end user licensing agreement is valid from the time of your purchase (licensing) of the Website until the time of your licensing expiration (see "License key" below).
After license key expiration, your access to the full content of this Website will be revoked.

> Content: All content in this Website is provided by WORLD OF ANGELOV LTD. (collectively the "Company") to you for personal use only! This includes animations, text explanations, code examples and anything else inside this Website. You are not permitted to copy, distribute, download or use the content for commercial purposes in any way.
If you believe you have a genuine case to share content of this Website for non-commercial purposes (for instance, a teacher who would like to show content of this Website to students in class), please, contact worldofds@yahoo.com and ask for explicit permission. The content in this Website is not an academic read nor it claims to be. The animations, the explanations or the code examples in this Website may not always represent a concept in a 100% accurate way. The main purpose of the content is to be beginner-friendly, informative and yet visually engaging which sometimes may be at the cost of technical accuracy. This Website assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in the content of the Website. By using this Website, you accept the Website and its content as it is.

> Updates: Updates to this Website to ensure proper functioning and accessbility of the Website will be provided for the period of your license key (see "License key" below). Updates of other type such as expanding the content of the Website, adding new features and/or information may be made by the Company but are not guaranteed and the Company is not obliged to make them.

> License Key: Upon purchasing, you are granted a license key for immediate access of this Website for a period of 6 months. After the end of this period, your license key will expire and your access will be revoked. If you want to access the full content of this Website again, you should buy a new license key. You are responsible for keeping your license key for this Website safe. It means that you are not supposed to share it to third parties or store it anywhere public. Sharing your license key with anyone may result in her/him violating this agreement which may result in suspension of your license key. You can use your license key to access this Website on as many devices as you want - it's not bound to device type or number.

> Technical Issues: Nothing is perfect and sometimes technical issues do happen. We are not responsible for technical issue on client's side such as internet connection, computer, router issues, lack of hardware resources or others.
We are responsible for maintaining this website up and running for you to access during your license period (6 months from initial purchase of license key). We will do our best to resolve issues with best effort and in a timely manner. If a major issue on our side persists (such as the website being down), do contact us. If we are unable to fix the issue within 7 days, we will do our best to provide you with other temporary way to access the content of this Website (such as a backup of the Website on another URL). If we fail to do so and the Website remains unavailable before your license key expiration period ends, you can contact us again and we can discuss other options to provide you access to the content by other means.

> AI Assistant feature: The AI Assistant feature is letting the user make question prompts within a limited daily quota. The received answers are text generated by AI in real time and is not verified by this Website. Mistakes and inconsistencies are possible and this Website is not responsible for the generated answers.

> Caution: This website is not associated to any third party websites or services.
This website will never prompt you for any type of passwords or permissions.
All content of this website is provided "as is" and we are not responsible for any misinterpretations of the content and for any consequences that may have followed that.

last update: 05.11.2023